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Coprinus singularis Uljé - (NL: Dwergdonsinktzwam, 026.94.0)

Coprinus singularis Uljé in Persoonia 13: 486. 1988.

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Macroscopic features

  Closed pileus up to 3 x 2 mm, pale brown to ochre-brown (Mu. 10 YR 7/3 to 7.5 YR 5/6, K. & W. 4A3), with somewhat darker radial striation; expanded pileus greyish and up to 8 (-11) mm wide. Lamellae narrowly adnate, white, grey to blackish; L = 8-16, l = 0 -3. Stipe 20-35 x 0,5-1 mm, whitish, vitreous, sparsely pubescent.

Microscopic features

  Spores [120,6,3] 9.7-17 x 6.8-10.9 µm, av. L = 11.4-14.4, av. B = 8.5-9.1 µm, Q = 1.20-1.70, av. Q = 1.35-1.50, broadly cylindrical, rounded truncate; germ pore central, difficult to see, because of very dark colour of spores, c. 2 µm wide. Basidia 15-34 x 8-10 µm, 2-spored, but often also 1-spored. Pseudoparaphyses 4-6 per basidium. Cheilocystidia 30-50 x 12-17 µm, lageniform with tapering to (sub)cylindrical neck and 3-5 µm wide apex. Pleurocystidia absent. Pileocystidia 50-85 x 11-18 µm, lageniform with tapering, sometimes (sub)cylindrical neck, 3.5-8 µm wide at apex. Clamp-connections present.


  Solitary or subgregarious. On lawns and grassy roadsides. Rather common.


  This species differs from C. amphithallus in broader, rounded truncate, subcylindrical spores with a central germ pore. The fruit-bodies are distinctly smaller. In all of the several collections found at different localities one-spored as well as 2-spored basidia were present.

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