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Coprinus pellucidus P. Karst. - (NL: Bleek mestdwergje, 026.52.0)

Coprinus pellucidus P. Karst. in Meddn Soc. Fauna Fl. fenn. 9: 61. 1882.

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  Closed pileus up to 5 x 3 mm, but usually much smaller, whitish with pale yellow-brown, ochre-brown to grey-brown centre (Mu. 10 YR 6/4, K. & W. 5D5), up to c. 7 mm in diam. when expanded. Lamellae free, whitish to blackish; L = 12-20, l = 0-1. Stipe 15-70 x 0.1-0.5 mm, whitish, vitreous, sparsely pubescent.
  Spores [60,3,3] 6.3-9.4 x 3.2-4.2 µm, av. L= 7.3-7.9, av. B= 3.6-3.9 µm, Q= 1.80-2.20, av. Q= 1.95-2.10, oblong to ovoid, often somewhat cylindrical, slightly truncate; germ pore central, c. 1.3 µm wide. Basidia 10-26 x 5-7 µm, 4-spored. Pseudoparaphyses not noted. Cheilocystidia c. 20-30 x 15-23 µm, (sub)globose. Pleurocystidia absent. Pileocystidia 25-50 x 7-12 µm, lageniform with tapering neck, 3-4 µm wide at apex. Sclerocystidia absent. Clamp-connections absent.


  On cow dung. Common.


  The spores of C. pellucidus are slightly smaller and somewhat more (sub)cylindrical than in C. stellatus and that species has pleurocystidia, which C. pellucidus has not. In addition the fruit-bodies of C. pellucidus are very small and usually cream-coloured whereas those of C. stellatus are larger and more ochraceous brown.

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