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Coprinus verrucispermus Joss. & Enderle - (NL: Schijnwratsporige inktzwam, 026.77.0)

Coprinus verrucispermus Joss. & Enderle in Z. Mykol. 54: 67. 1988.

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  Closed pileus up to 15 x 12 mm, first dark (red-)brown (Mu. 7.5 YR 4/4-5/6, K.& W. 6C4-6D6), soon paler, especially outside centre (Mu. 7.5 YR 5/6-5/8 to 10 YR 7/4, K.& W. 5C4-5, 5D4, 6C6), entirely covered with brown, flocculose-granular remnants of veil, up to 30(-47) mm in diam. when expanded. Lamellae narrowly adnate, white, dark sepia to blackish; L = 22-38, l = 0-3. Stipe 30-70 x 1-3 mm, usually short in proportion to pileus, whitish, pubescent.
  Spores [80,4,2] 11.2-16.8 x 7.1-9.4 µm, av. L = 13.4-14.5, av. B = 7.9-8.9 µm, Q = 1.40-1.80, av. Q = 1.50-1.70, ovoid in front view, ellipsoid to slightly amygdaliform in side view, ornamented, with wrinkled-folded perisporium giving spores a warty appearance, but after some hours in KOH becoming smooth because of swelling of perisporium, truncate; germ pore central, c. 2 µm wide. Basidia 18-35 x 8-10 µm, 2-spored. Pseudoparaphyses 4-6 per basidium. Cheilocystidia 20-50 µm in diam., (sub)globose to ellipsoid. Pleurocystidia 30-65 µm broad, vesiculose. Velar spherocysts on pileipellis globose, 10-25 µm in diam. to ellipsoid, up to 15-35 x 8-25 µm. Pileocystidia 80-210 x 18-25 µm, lageniform with tapering neck, 5-8 µm wide at apex. Clamp-connections small and difficult to find.


  Gregarious on naked, clayey soil. Rare.


  This species is characterized by its warty spores in combination with two-spored basidia. The closest related species is C. silvaticus, which has 4-spored basidia, no pleurocystidia, lageniform cheilocystidia and usually much larger fruit-bodies.

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